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  • ACS is the proud producer of Lattice Etch, the only non-aqueous HF solution specifically formulated for the etching (chemical milling and/or polishing) of crystalline quartz available on the market. Lattice Etch provides superior etching performance with consistent and predictable results. Used by leaders in the frequency control market for years to produce high frequency fundamental quartz crystals.

  • AMSystems designs and manufactures thin film processing equipment for the industry, research labs and universities. Our equipment ranges from single wafer R&D modules to production cluster tools. We provide a complete solution for FBAR/SAW technologies, including thin film deposition and thickness uniformity trimming. AMSystems can help build early prototypes utilizing our dedicated equipment.

  • Switzerland based Anapico Ltd is a innovative manufacturer of test equipment such as signal source analyzers and low phase noise RF and microwave signal generators. The displayed APPH6000 signal source analyzer measures phase noise down to -190 dBc/Hz.

  • Brandywine Communications is the premier supplier of GPS and time code based precision time and frequency products including wireline and wireless telecommunication networks. Brandywine offers a full suite of Next Generation synchronization, timing and monitoring products to maximize a telecom network’s performance and flexibility to the network. Better timing and synchronization means better quality for voice, video and data services.

  • Time interval analyzers with 3 ps resolution and 4 million measurements per second in modular instrument formats

  • Discovery Semiconductors, Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturing ultrafast, high optical power handling InGaAs photodetectors, RF over fiber optical receivers, balanced optical receivers and several custom products for applications ranging from analog RF links to ultrafast digital communications. Discovery’s instrumentation includes their Lab Buddy, Highly Linear Photodiode (HLPD), and Optical Coherent Receiver System.

  • EndRun Technologies is the only provider of indirect-GPS disciplined oscillators. Designed and manufactured in California, EndRun synchronizes time and frequency systems using GPS or indirect-GPS (indoor antenna with IS-95 CDMA). A wide variety of products are available spanning from GPS fiber optic links, GPS inline pre-amplifiers, NTP time servers, IEEE-1588 grandmaster clocks, primary time & frequency references and distribution. The gem of the product line includes the ultra-low-noise oscillator that provides the most precise and stable GPS-derived frequency reference in the world. Guaranteed.

  • Frequency Electronics, Inc. is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high precision timing, frequency control and synchronization products for space and terrestrial applications. Frequency’s products are used in commercial, government and military systems, including satellite payloads, missiles, UAVs, aircraft, GPS, secure radios, SCADA, energy exploration and wireline and wireless communication networks.

  • GuideTech is a leading provider of precision test and measurement instruments for scientific laboratories, development and volume manufacturing applications based on its patented “Continuous Timing Interval Analyzer” (CTIA) technology. GuideTech's multi-channel timing test systems substantially improve test throughput of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems through fast measurement rates, greater accuracy, increased parallelism, and through critical high-speed timing test coverage. The Company sells its PC-based timing instruments since 1988 into the scientific lab market to customers such as NIST, NASA, CERN, US Naval Observatory, Northrop, Rolls Royce and other respected science organizations worldwide. GuideTech’s PC products and test systems are available in ISA, PCI, PCIe, PXI, and PXIe. With very strong R&D, the company is scheduled to launch 9 new products in 2011.

  • Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures Precision Timing and Frequency References including ground-breaking Chip Scale Atomic Oscillators (CSACs) and ultra-miniature GPS Disciplined Oscillators. Our smallest product is less than 1 inch square and consumes less than 0.5W, and our highest performance product is slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes, and is based on a Cesium Vapor Atomic Reference for ultra-fast warm-up, very low power, and very good holdover performance

  • Noise XT
    Noise XT is a high spectral purity instrumentation provider offering Phase and Amplitude Noise Test Systems. Our products measure Absolute, Residual, Added noise on CW and Pulsed signals with offsets up to 500MHz and on input signals up to 140GHz. Our new product DCNTS exhibits the lowest noise floor of the industry with down-to -195dBc/Hz performance. It is the only complete dual phase noise test set with cross-correlation feature. Its unique signal processing software allows very fast high performance measurements.

  • Pascall Electronics Ltd based on the Isle of Wight in England (UK) is a leading supplier of RF & Microwave components, subsystems and custom power supplies for aerospace, defence, marine and civil markets. Pascall has special expertise in providing industry leading ultra low noise oscillators and frequency generators solutions covering VHF to X-band. Such devices are particularly suited for radar, communication and high end test systems

  • Piktime Systems Ltd specializes in: *time transfer solutions for time scales purpose, *high precision measurements of frequency and time, *distribution of time signals and reference frequency. Our core product is time transfer system TTS-4 which allows comparison of time scales and clocks on long distance. TTS-4 receiver is capable to carry observations on all available frequencies for GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO. Our product offers high precision along with comfortable and stable operation. Piktime Systems Ltd closely co-operates with The Astrogeodynamical Observatory (AOS) of the Space Research Centre.

  • PTF manufactures precision time and frequency references, low noise distribution amplifiers, auto switches for redundancy applications, and our latest addition is a precision frequency generator (DC to 30MHz in 0.1 Hz steps) and phase stepper with a resolution down to 1 nano second. The company specializes in providing custom outputs for calibration/metrology applications to low phase noise solutions for stacom and broadcasting. Contact: info@ptfinc.com for more information.

  • Quartzlock launch a line of SMAC Rb, Subminiature Rubidium Atomic Clocks with size of 51 x 51 x 25mm & the excellent stability of traditional Rb Oscillators at $666:00. A complete range of component, instrument, evaluation board, Ultra Low Noise -115dBc/Hz@1Hz, low cost bench instrument, “rechargeable, battery-operated portable” and ULN Rb with Distribution are available. Quartzlock have updated Active “CAT” and Passive Hydrogen Masers with 5 x 10-13/s, 6 x 10-15/100s & 7 x 10-16/d AVAR. Phase Noise is -117dBc/Hz@1Hz. The Tempco is 1.5 x 10-15/C. The Passive Hydrogen Maser has 8 x 10-13/s, 7 x 10-14/100s AVAR. Drift 1 x 10-15/day. Tempco 1 x 10-14C The Quartzlock A7-MX Signal Stability Analyzer, A5 ULN Distribution Amplifier & latest A6 ULN Frequency Conversion & Active Noise Filters compliment the Hydrogen Masers.

  • Roth & Rau MicroSystems is a leading supplier of plasma and ion beam processing systems for the semiconductor, MEMS, and sensor industries. Our “IonScan” frequency trimming systems are widely used in SAW, BAW, and FBAR manufacturing for yield maximization. We also offer a full range of precision thin film deposition and etching systems for a broad range of processes, including Reactive Ion Etching (RIE), Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), Ion Beam Etching (IBE) and Ion Beam Sputter Deposition (IBSD), using our own in-house developed plasma and ion beam sources.

  • Sansei-Showa Co., Ltd produces production and test equipment for the Quartz Crystal and Semiconductor industry.

  • "Industry leader of test and manufacturing equipment for the frequency control industry." We make measurement, temperature test, frequency adjustment, Sorting and various other production equipment for the frequency control industry.

  • Spectracom is a leading provider of time and frequency technology. Our application-specific products are designed for synchronization and timing of networks, systems and devices; calibration and test of precise frequency instruments, and measurement of frequency signals. Products include sync tester/analyzers, GPS simulators, time and frequency analyzers/counters, secure master clock synchronization systems, and more.

  • SpectraDynamics, Inc. is a leading supplier of Time and Frequency Products with exceptionally low noise and high stability. Our main product lines are Time and Frequency Distribution Amplifiers, Frequency Synthesizers and Noise Measurement Systems. SpectraDynamics, Inc. is proud to serve the Time and Frequency community around the world.

  • Spectratime is a world's leader in high-performance crystal, rubidium, maser and integrated GPS/GNSS reference clocks and related test instruments, by offering smart, cost-effective and high-quality products for the telecom, defense, broadcasting, instrumentation, and space industries.

  • Symmetricom's precision frequency standards deliver exceptional performance and unsurpassed accuracy, stability and reliability in the most challenging of environments. Our hydrogen, cesium and rubidium standards and quartz oscillators have supported more military communications, satellite ground stations, metrology laboratories and test & measurement applications than any other precision frequency references in the world.

  • T4Science is a world's leader in high-performance hydrogen maser clocks, by offering smart, cost-effective and high-quality products and total support services for the multiple scientific and GNSS space industries.

  • TimeTech GmbH designs and manufacturers precise time & frequency systems. TimeTech capabilities encompass the following areas: • Time & Frequency Generation and Monitoring • Time & Frequency Distribution • Test & Measurement equipments • Satellite test and checkout equipment • Space products TimeTech GmbH is the sole European manufacturer of Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer modems (SATRE TWSTFT), used by Asian, European and North-American Institutes to compare high accuracy clocks.

  • VC America Inc. specializes in frequency control solutions for high frequency and precision frequency generation applications, supplying key building block components for hybrid assembly of oscillators including Seiko NPC IC for XO (clocks), VCXO, TCXO, Sumitomo ceramic package solutions, and high frequency crystals and multiple forms of quartz. VC America supply of subassemblies speed time to market, and various design and/or testing functions reduce risk for specific applications ranging from Sub-terrestrial to Telecommunications to Space applications. We are pleased to announce key oscillator design and design management from Seiko NPC will attend and exhibit with us at the symposium.

  • XECO, Inc. is a manufacturer of quartz inverted mesa blanks offering many styles and sizes of blanks both electroded and non-electroded from frequencies of 20 to over 600 MHz fundamentals. For unique applications requiring special electrode patterns or mesa shapes, XECO can produce blanks to your specifications with minimal tooling fees. XECO exclusively uses swept quartz and a unique photolithographic process to produce blanks and can offer the highest quality blank available on the market from an independent supplier.

  • Technology-leader Zurich Instruments (ZI) designs and manufactures high performance dynamic signal analysis instruments for advanced scientific research and leading industrial applications. ZI products include lock-in amplifiers, phase-locked loops, instruments for electrical impedance spectroscopy, and application specific pre-amplifiers. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, ZI was established in 2008. ZI customers are scientists and engineers in leading research labs and organizations worldwide.
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